Change Log

Where changes to the site are logged and documented as I work on both design and development.

  • There have been several refinements to the site, but only minor changes that might be otherwise unseen.

    • Fixed several templates where the site editor was unable to render broken blocks. These blocks had incorrect markup.
    • Updated several plugins;
      • Fathom for analytics.
      • ActivityPub to allow content to appear on the Activity Pub protocol.
      • LightSpeed Cache allowing me to create performance improvements.
    • Updated the Change Log archive template to include more detail to the post type.

    I’ll be testing the WordPress 6.4 update that has just been released and hopefully be creating a full upgrade over the coming days.

  • First Launch

    The first launch of the site features a base version of a custom WordPress theme that is being built and designed for The theme will eventually be released publicly for anyone to use and download. I’ll be able to provide more detail as time goes on and as refinements occur.

    In the meantime, this section of the site serves as a place to discuss how the site develops and changes over time and as a place for me to log any development challenges, changes and so on along the way.