This must be the sixth time I’ve rewritten this now, and I’m still unsure of what I want this first entry to be. That might become a common thread in how this site progresses and develops over time.

As it has been a long time since having a dedicated site of my own, it’s quite exciting to be in a place where I want to do this again. Where I want to share and take long form approaches to what I share and when. The sinking, deflating dinghy that has become Twitter — I will continue calling it that, if Elon can deadname his daughter then I can deadname his site — has probably hastened my desire to work on my own site again.

As I’ve been working through and preparing this site, I’ve fallen into the same trap as many other personal branding projects — it’s just never good enough. So, I’ve decided to turn this site into a live development project. It’s definitely not perfect and absolutely is unfinished at the moment, but as time goes on, it will definitely be exactly where I want it to be. Even more so with the addition of actual content.

This has been a domain I’ve had for sometime but never put to good use. Most of aliases used online are based around this so it is akin to more spoof and a personal branding than anything. I’m still trying to figure out what this site is going to be used for, but at the moment I’m looking at a more personal place to write and share thoughts and ideas around various aspects of my life. Work, development, JavaScript, PHP, gaming and music for the most part, but don’t count on me not writing about other subjects here.

So, let me introduce myself…

Who are you?

I’m an engineering manager for Big Bite Creative, an Enterprise WordPress agency based in Teesside, England. I’ve worked with WordPress, among other technology for the better part of a decade. My life hadn’t started out with the intention of becoming a web developer, as I originally set out to be a designer, going through the Northern School of Art, or Cleveland College of Art & Design as it was known then.

There is no written theme for, other than this is my personal place to discover, share and experiment. Hopefully, whatever it brings, now or in the future, we can enjoy it together.