For some time now, every month I start a Spotify playlist of music I hear through-out that month. They can be anything that has caught my attention in some form or another. This may be as a result of new releases, going through a backlog, or even something that has stuck with me so much it bleeds from one month to another. Nothing is off limits here, and anything goes. Jazz, ambient, hardcore and pop anthems will all be here.

They are rolling playlists, so what you see here is just the start of the month. As days and weeks go by it will expand.

Last Months Spotify Playlist — April

Last month was a relatively short playlist by my own standards but includes some great music. It starts off with a couple of recents from a longtime favourite of mine – Machinedrum – from his upcoming release 3FOR82. Judging from these early tracks it’s going to be a solid album and I’m looking forward to listening to it in its entirety. Shortly progressing into a 15 minute ambient, abstract soundscape by Taylor Deupree with Temper (For Clarinets & Shaker). There’s a short jump from ambience through techno and hip hop into the wonderful Celtic inspired soundtrack for Frieren: Beyond Journeys End, which on a whole Evan Call has masterfully crafted that it stands incredibly well on its own. Ending with high energy punk track, Mirror Muscles from SOFT PLAY.

Of all those, the track Zoltraak from Frieren: Beyond Journeys End is my most played song of April. I love its energy and its usage in the anime has been nothing short of special. For me it’s a great highlight of the recently released soundtrack and one that I’d recommend anyone listen to, especially if you’re a fan of the soundtrack for Violet Evergarden by Even Call.

I’ll be sharing these playlists every month, so expect a great mix often. I hope you enjoy them!