Moving Forward

Recently I’ve had chance to reflect on some of things I was aiming to do with this site, much of it in the realms of personal development. There’s been a lot that I’ve wanted to take on, and never enough time to do any of those. Work and family life among others have commanded a lot of attention and because of that I’ve not granted for much time else-where. It’s something I’ve been trying to get to grips with and navigate around.

I’ve recently had some time off. Originally it was meant to be to spend time with family, but as is my luck, that was hampered by first myself being ill, then the rest of the family following suite. It wasn’t anything serious, but enough to mean we couldn’t do all the things we wanted and planned to do in the first few days. It did however give me a lot of space to reflect on what I was aiming to do over the year.

There’s more to come but one thing that kept coming up was what I was doing with this site. Or let’s face it, not doing. The plans for this site weren’t anything grandiose, but were to serve as my launch pad for bringing myself back online, to give myself a playground and area of my own.

A photo of a computer screen showing the Figma design for 'Uchi' the WordPress theme powering this site.
The in progress design for ‘Uchi’ – the WordPress theme powering this site.

What I kept running into was a need to have the perfect setup before I moved ahead. Rather than break everything down and attempt to have slow increments, I wanted the complete and full picture before I implemented. The problem was, as I was starting over there is not a full picture, or at least one that didn’t keep evolving. I had what was an end idea which wasn’t solid and no clear path to get there.

Now I’ve taken a step back and started to understand what I have in place and the steps I need. To begin with, I am treating the current build of the site as an MVP. It’s functional and serves as that springboard I mentioned, it can evolve and be expanded on, mutate and metamorphose. I want to take it from here to move away from everything having to be perfect right now to actually being active. Perfection will come later.

The next step is to complete the designs I had started to develop, this will help me manage and focus but with that the content I create will also help direct those designs to help me build that elusive “personal brand” that people often discuss.

After that it will be implementation. And after that? Well you’ll have to see. There’s lots to do but lets start here.